On October 19, 2010 I moved from the US to The Netherlands. This is a love story many years in the making.


Coyote’s in the Netherlands.

I’m here. It’s starting to sink in, this wild notion that I am not going back to the USA, that I live here now. It’s real. Done, finished.  The last month or two, since I got back from the last visit here, were a mad push to Get It Done. I had to compact my belongings into the 100 cubic feet I was going to ship and empty the rest of the house, in what amounted to a month, while working more than full time as well.  It was a major exercise.

I left WV on Oct 12

and I left VA on Oct 13th, and the went and stayed in MA until it was time to fly. Check out what TSA let me fly with.

I had a really great time with the best bunch of friends a person could ask for. We had a party that Carel flew in for, so he got to meet my people and it was like he’d been there all along. Excellent.

I got lots of hugs and despite getting seriously sick on the last two days and having to miss seeing Sarah’s house and hanging out with her, had a wonderful time. I hope she will come visit us in NL. Pics from the MA trip will be in another post, they have a story of their own to tell. But here’s just one, because I can’t help it. It was gorgeous.

I left MA on the morning of Oct 19 , and somehow scored an empty row to myself! I took a nap in the morning sun and landed in VA at 11:30AM and then had lunch with Christine, who was kind and drove me to the airport, and even came back when I frantically called her to tell her I’d left my coat in her car. I was pretty stressed, mostly about the fact I was putting my dog in a box on an airplane.  I happened upon the crew waiting to board and asked one of them if she could confirm for me that my dog was aboard. “Oh! You’re the one with the big white dog? She’s beautiful!”. After the doors were shut one of them came to tell me my dog was in fact aboard and doing fine. KLM did a great job with her. She arrived not showing any of the signs of serious stress, and they were really good about keeping me posted about her, and delivering her before any of the other cargo.  During the course of the flight, I spent some time talking to the crew, who were all very nice and gave me advice on how to deal with their country. The Chief Purser unexpectedly stopped by my seat and handed me a little bag, and said “a gift to welcome you to The Netherlands.”

Aw. Jeez…

In the bag was this little house. My ring is next to it to give a sense of scale.

Closer inspection proved that it was a replica of The Antilles House  and it contains booze, and is part of a collection of similar bottles shaped into other famous buildings. Nifty! That was a very kind gesture. Entirely unnecessary on his part, and it sort of made me well up. Anyway, we landed in Amsterdam after flying through a very dramatic dawn. It looked like one of Dante’s visions of Hades, the lights of Amsterdam glowing up through jagged dark clouds slowly being illuminated by the rising sun. Awesome. Wish I’d had the Nikon.

Carel met us at the airport, took Daisy in hand and got her outside to pee while I dealt with the baggage. The next thing I knew we were all tumbled into the car, the dog was snoring in the back seat and we were on the way home.

I breathed out.


2 responses

  1. One more thing to add to the list of reasons I need to make a visit to NL… Visiting you all! Glad you all got there safe and sound and the trip sounded easy, especially for the pup.


    October 25, 2010 at 2:39 am

    • yetanotherfoodpr0nblog

      Definitely! Come visit! and yeah, the trip was a miracle of easy for the dog. amazing.

      October 26, 2010 at 2:46 pm

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