On October 19, 2010 I moved from the US to The Netherlands. This is a love story many years in the making.


Pfht. My feet are sore.

People often ask me “why NL?” and one reason I could give is that living here practically forces a healthier life on a person. And in reality it has done exactly that. We went for a 3.5km walk last night after throwing a round thing for a little dog for 20 mins.

A week ago I could barely walk; I qualify for the handicapped parking sticker right now. I’m still really sore; touching my toes brings sweat to my brow, but I *can* touch them and without holding onto something with one hand to take some of the weight.

The Little Dog is doing better too. When we left WV she was still needing help to get into the car, that much vertical pressure on her spine was agonizing. But now she’s got more energy and is more wiggly and definitely more limber. I’ve seen her get more vertical in the last couple days than she has in months.: she tried to climb into Carel’s lap. This is really good to see; the exercise is clearly helping with the spondylosis. She’s feeling perky.

I’m feeling something like relaxed, I think. Maybe. I am not sure I would recognize the feeling. I look pretty happy though, don’t I?

Yeah, happy. Im pretty sure that’s what this is.


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